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There is downfalls with being gay but there is also a lot of benefits. Don't try to change your friend. But some days I feel like I want back in the closet. That makes it no better than climate science denial. All you have to do is stay friends with him and support him when he needs it. Plus, you don't hear what they say about you behind your back. Don't interrupt your friend.

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Like creating my self in my own image, and not according to what I was told I should be!

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Gay women get a rough deal when it comes to fertility treatment

Remember, being gay doesn't mean your friend no longer has a great sense of humor or is kind or is loyal. Sex hormones in prenatal life play a role. I assume I will feel sad, a passing of sorts; while my family and friends cuddle their grandchildren my arms are empty. If you do not think that you can provide the person with the same quality of friendship, then it may be better for you to end the friendship. Colin Jackson coming out as gay didn't surprise many people.

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However, if you aren't as accepting, you will need to have a potentially uncomfortable conversation with your friend. Your friend has the right to express his or her sexual orientation. You saved a lifelong friendship! Basically, be your friend's cheerleader! You've read the world news sections of the papers regularly, perused academic journals on gender and sexuality, or you've at least checked Wikipedia to see which countries it is still punishable by death in if you're even thought of as being gay. Don't cramp yourself up in life, relax and enjoy what you have going for yourself and never feel ashamed of how you feel, because when you do it just complicates your life.

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