Deprovera for transsexuals

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Depo Provera injections suppress ovulation and therefore disrupt the normal menstrual cycle. Vertebral fractures [c]. However, I'm severely depressed and am going to talk to my endo about getting on to something else when I see her in a month. While progestogens have some anti-androgen effect through central blockade of gonadotropins, there is also a theoretical risk of a direct androgenizing effect of progestogens. Many trans men seek maximum virilization, while others desire suppression of their natal secondary sex characteristics only. You will be given Depo Provera injections for as long as recommended by your doctor for several weeks, months or years, depending on what you are being treated for.

deprovera for transsexuals
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It makes you retain water, which can be mistaken as breast growth but imho it is a milky looking toxic substance! The Complete Drug Reference 36th ed. MPA increases the risk of breast cancerdementiaand thrombus when used in combination with CEEs to treat menopausal symptoms. Postgraduate Medicine.

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