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An Interview with E. In thinking about Basil and other black men who lead secret lives, Raymond says "Had I stayed in Alabama, my life would have been similar. Would he have behaved the same way if he were seeing two women simultaneously? Most Read. Throughout college, he was active in political and social organizations, including a Black fraternity. He liked my essay and called to encourage me, indicating that his publisher, Doubleday, was interested. There was no way I would involve my family in my gay lifestyle.

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His main character, Raymond, attends a southern university where he begins to discover his sexuality.

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Do athletes and other people in the public eye risk more than ordinary people when they come out? That the musical features a score by Ashford and Simpson and the first performance was on the eve of the U. With the financial assistance of his friends and family, he ended his career in sales and became a writer. Is sexuality merely a "lifestyle" or does it define us in a fundamental way?

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Although Lynn had early experiences that caused him to question his sexuality, he knew that he needed to keep this part of himself hidden.

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