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There is a wonderful chemistry between the pair and the audience cares about their relationship. While the portrayal of Eastern European teen prostitutes as predators may be spot on, in this instance their victim's passivity makes us wonder about the whole set up. It tells the men's stories without resorting to judgment or sensationalism. Are things better for sex workers now that they aren't criminalized? Strong performances from the leads and from main supporting actors. He doesn't dare try to stop them, nor does he call the police afterwards. Of course, but -- as with female prostitution -- they could establish themselves as self-employed, but unfortunately not many of them do so.

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I thought that my closed captioning was turned off.

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I was only prepared to give this film just half a chance which I'm glad I didand bail out as soon as it got too "Euro" for me. It's not just the hustler who shows up for the date, but also his peers. This is the relationship of Daniel, a 50's something French career guy and a young Ukrainian hustler. I wouldn't wish that kind of audience on any movie appreciating individual or group, but movie-watching nowadays, especially the specialty kind, seems to be more a test of patience and compromises lending themselves to being endurance and tolerance tests more than anything else.

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It hadn't changed much until the mid-'90s, but now there isn't much going on there.

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