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Done once or twice. MuppetsRuleFeb 13, And of course, there's that "gay, old time" thing. It just makes me sad at how people in this day in age can still be so judge mental. I have guy friends that I hang out with.

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Coyote and Roadrunner chase each other round, that obviously means they're doing each other.

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The Flintstones Have a More Modern Take on Marriage Equality & Gay Rights Than the GOP

JennyFeb 13, Of the "Oh no, they're in for it now" variety. Please contact us if you need help with registration or your account login. This was the plot of the prime-time special "Fred's Final Fling". Now, I'm irked that in recent times there are people in the media who began as 'leaders' of 'focus groups' who are out there to attack animated characters that are intended to entertain and bring joy to the world I suppose and put them under the gun as being 'in the closet' or straight-cut 'gay.

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CensoredFeb 9, CamelliaFeb 13, The schtick, after all, is still alive. In "Christmas Flintstone," Mel Blanc voices Fred's easily irritated boss that fires him and immediately hires him back. A handful of Democratic senators already running for president have co-sponsored the legislation. What is your country turning into? People that constantly go around calling people, characters or anything else have problems.

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