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If you're not sure what you want to drink, let her know what you like and she will make you the best drink you've ever had. Right across the street from Round-Up, Station 4 is two stories of fuel-injected dance music, drag queens, glow sticks and jello shots — and it never disappoints. The previous few weeks had already been a dizzying nightmare. Or sign in with a social account: By then I was going to TCU and the OP became quite a festive place for about 2 more years, until eventually the crowds began to thin out to the point it closed altogether.

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About a year ago I stopped going because I could not get any service from the new door person s to the new bartenders and the staff.

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Still Not Over The Rainbow

For people my age Late 20s Club Reflection across the road is much better. Most of its patrons are of the more seasoned variety, but that certainly doesn't slow this pony down. The first bar u bese worked at. The newfound sense of pride and celebration had suddenly given way to fear and sorrow as the bars became unlikely hosts for memorials, where longtime familiar faces, community leaders, and popular performers were eulogized far too soon and too often. I watched it go through multiple owners and three names. Dallas Observer Music Staff 4. He didn't care about my concerns at all and tried to tell me that my son was never in his bar even though I should him a credit card receipt from his bar that my son used.

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My husband and I had just returned from a bloodwork appointment down the street. Don't have an account yet? My husband and I have spent some great times and money at Rainbow Lounge in the past and one of the main reasons we went there was because we were always treated with respect from the original door man and also because of the 2 remaining bartenders at the first bar. He always took care of me and my husband. Not that those melees meant much to the still-closeted queens in Cowtown. He was super nice and mixed up some good drinks.

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