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Poemy's classmate and best friend, and she is madly in love with her, a fact to which Poemy is oblivious. In this fight Duran, Natsuki's Child, became large as Kiyohime signifying that her feelings for her most important person is much stronger then. The two eventually and slowly rebuild their relationship. Norris is a member of the Bison gang. Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere. Yukari a witchling has a crush on both Moka a female vampire and Tsukune a male human. He enjoys cross-dressing and is in love with Hotohori, but later also grows to love the main heroine Miaka.

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Greg and Terry have a penchant for minor bickering, flirting, and working on stereotypical "couples' issues" on the set or in other scenes of the show.

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List of animated works with LGBT characters

In one episode, she was shown kissing Anthy. Daryl is an eighteen year old castrated boy who served as Iason's furniture and Riki's caretaker. In the case of gay-coded characters, reliance on ambiguity allows for multiple readings of a character. Near the end of the episode, they meet and Kevin is disappointed to learn that Caitlin is a girl. Coraline had already helped define the animation studio, LAIKA, as being edgy, artsy, and willing to take risks.

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This has lead to an increase of gay-tinged humor and ambiguous characters. Fatora even goes to the extent of using her similarity to Makoto to disguise herself as him to try to take advantage of their crushes on him; while Nanami recognizes the truth and admonishes her, she manages to fool Shayla-Shayla sufficiently that she manages to kiss her, naturally prompting a fiery explosion of fury when the priestess realized who just claimed her first kiss. Most notably in the last episode where Jun decides to forge her soul with the force from the Demons, which Kazumi also lets her absorb her in order to help in the final battle with Asuka. She keeps a trademark harem of young girls who have murdered their parents while under the influence of her drugs. She develops a lesbian obsession with Third Princess of Britannia Euphemia after she helps her through a traumatizing hostage incident at Lake Kawaguchi Convention and even masturbates to her picture. Daikyo is a hermaphrodite whilst her sister is fully female. She is a trans girl and a member of the Demon Triad, a group of demon warriors that work for the Toguro Brothers.

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