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For years now, reactionary groups have been railing against this perceived indoctrination of children by seemingly innocent cartoons, and one character in particular stands as an emblem of this phenomenon: The woman they saw at the lunch is Mr. Pardon me for not exactly throwing my hands up in horror. It would be misleading to imply that all of this is the sole preserve of the religious right: According to TVLinewhich first reported on the historic episode, the show began with Arthur and his friends discovering, to their great surprise, that Mr.

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May 14,5:

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This phenomenon can sometimes feed puritan accusations. Meanwhile, How to Train Your Dragon 2 includes a character who is implied to be gay —albeit only in a throwaway line ad-libbed by his voice actor. Such statements say far more about the people writing them then they do about the cartoons, comics, and cereal boxes that are under fire. Tinky Winky was famously read as such by segments of the religious right, as were Bert and Ernie before him.

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They just go into low-power mode and watch documentaries.

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