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Queer and feminist curating: I do have an obsession with all things comic book that started at a very young age. Johan Ganpat Brouwer is the widower of Sanjay, an Amsterdam icon who passed away last year. Queer Lives: Historians of sexuality have also argued that it is preferable to other terms for sexualities in the past as these often don't map onto modern sexual identites. While we tried other titles, no other option captured the full diversity of sexualities and gender identities that are represented in the show. Civil Partnerships?

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Presenting the first exhibition dedicated to queer British art.

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Taking a blank page and filling it with life is an amazing gift. The advice from all of these sources was overwhelmingly that we should use it. But even five decades after David Hockney first shocked viewers with depictions of his muse and lover, Peter Schlesingerstanding in the buff, the eroticized male nude still occupies a liminal space in art:

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To me the image of the Cowboy transcends both heterosexual and homosexual fantasy.

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