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You would have to imagine that the creative think tanks who look ahead for the future of their long running TV shows have a list of trending social political values that may need some inclusion at some point in the future, this certainly seems to be the case for some shows in the USA and UK where gay sex can appear out of nowhere almost for its shock value, this can only be interpreted as being voyeuristic and not a social statement supporting SSM, like it or not the prejudice expressed regarding homosexuality will not quickly go away. And to think Australia was actually fine with a gay character in Number 96 as far back as Am intrigued as to how this will roll out. You must be logged in to post a comment. Home and Away might get away with it this time. Yes, they will be celebrating with a bombing, a shooting, a death, a murder mystery, a rape, a car crash, a kidnapping and a couple of disasters. What an odd post.

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Every character over 50 has a love child from their teen years.

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Shane Withington hopes teen won’t be the only gay in the Bay

Plus even if I did come back, all the cast look the same, for every blonde girl that leaves the show, her doppelganger is cast as a new character. Withington, who has been with the series for around a third of its existence, notes his career may be running concurrently with that of broadcast television. Neighbours has had several for years now, and in a G-rated timeslot. But yeah, still not good, and most of these were off-screen, only mentioned or short — but still there! What an odd post. A writer may use a sex scene, regardless of genders, for honesty, intimacy, lust, power, indulgence, violence etc. Home and Away should have a gay character as regular on screen cast member for their usual 2 year or there abouts contract.

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Shortly after that, the gay character was written out when she suddenly turned straight and hooked up with a bloke. The whole Maya being trans is such a terrible storyline. Not another batch of River Boys! Quite a pathetic plot line much like the current one. To be fair, Neighbours has featured gay characters male and female for the best part of the past decade. Eventually Charlie hooked up with a character of the opposite sex.

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