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I command, and they follow; no pleasantries and interpersonal relations are required. The claimed entity "Ramtha" has expressed confusion about modern items or even the ability to read English[25] although he seems to have clear understanding of complex issues of modern physicssuch as the quantum field or neurologywhich appear frequently in his speeches. Knight's teachings appear to be a mixture of Jungian philosophyWestern occult traditions and contemporary positive-thinking attitudes such as New Age beliefs [22] and have yet to stand against elementary skepticism or scrutiny. Tarcher,pp. You can speak with someone directly and immediately here. Notes of a Fringe-Watcher.

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He outright refuses to allow them to include any Japanese in these games.

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Both channelers have formed a company, LuminEssence Productions, [17] which is in the vanguard of the channeling movement. If you haven't already, we'd love if you consldered becoming a prayer warrior. Among the things he mentions is the fact that Ramtha mispronounces the same words that Knight mispronounces, and that Ramtha quotes the same books that Knight has read. Joseph Henry Press.

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Glenn Cunningham Interview.

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