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He re-shackled the boy in that position. A slow steady stream of blood ran from his ear, staining his light blonde hair as it flowed threw and rolled of his head onto the unforgiving cold surface. His could hear his heart pounding in his ears as pain gave way to agony. He took deep breaths and tried to concentrate on something else but the pain in his ass. The man was very angry with the boy and he promised the boy that more was to come.

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His mind was racing and he was coming in and out of consciousness.

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Soldier is tortured by electricity.

Drawing back, the cop looked up at the heaving chest and stomach of the cute teenager he was abusing. He moaned in pain as the man walked towards him. The boy awoke from a fitful sleep. The cop got up and looked at his handiwork. He struggled but managed to push himself onto his bottom. It's time to begin trumpeting our success in using forms of torture to turn The Gay into good, God-fearing, heterosexual elders and sisters of the Church. At first the boy had railed and thrashed against this slow molestation of his young body but was unable to do much as the handcuffs held him tightly against the wall.

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He too was dead. We need to get out there now with our story and put all of this into its proper context. The boy was shot about 4 feet into the air and crashed against the wall. Reece tried to focus on reading some of it. Hey, maybe torture would be useful for missionary work too. We had another machine that would monitor their breathing and heart rate. It was '94, the last five, six months of

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