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I felt like my status as an interloper entering unknown territory must be branded across my forehead. Like a giant tube of Crest, I slid my thumb and finger upward, squishing out a good tablespoon of cum-in-waiting. I almost fell out of my chair at the sight of Dr. The prof had walked out in dismay or perhaps to deal with something else!!! Derek's eyes were filled with lust; any thoughts of resisting Peter were gone. Peter's mouth salivated in addition to the spit from his tongue, submerging Derek's erection in a saliva bath. With a snap of his fingers, the tongue-tentacle that was wrapped around his pecs and busy licking his nipples stopped and extended its head over to Derek's cock.

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Let's play a game now.

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The more it was sucked, the harder you became, and the harder you came. I didn't move - no, I couldn't move. I was about to take control of the situation when he acknowledging my presence for the first time by looked up at me with that smile and I felt my knees go weak.

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I pick up the pace and start to fuck him hard and long.

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