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She struck me as such a normal, average American girl — she works as an Abercrombie model at the mall, and was in her third year of college — but when a friend outed her, her religious parents kicked her out of the house, took her photos of the wall, quit paying her tuition, and started telling people her brother was an only child. Alyss — Little Rock, Arkansas. Get the TED newsletter. Alyss was one of the most vibrant characters we met on our Southern tour. As a teenager and adult, Tillett Wright went on to fall in love with a woman, and then to fall in love with a man. Reverend Jill came to the Knoxville shoot with her long-time partner. New talks released daily.

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Fifty shades of gay Video on TED.

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Gallery: iO Tillett Wright examines the 50+ shades of gay

Before meeting him, and many like him, I had some preconceived, narrow view of what gay people looked like, especially men — even if it was a broad view by most standards. I thought that took tremendous courage, not only to be openly gay in a state like Tennessee, but to take on the religious battle as well. Again, when he started filling out his form, I almost wanted to double check that he knew what he was there for. Venus — New York. Be the first to know!

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Fifty shades of gay Video on TED. Our program of conference shorts. Dub Horn commented on Jan 30 New talks released daily. When she put on her MySpace that she thought she was bisexual, her mother grabbed her by the forehead and started praying over her in tongues. After we left, we got an email from her saying that she had spent a lot of time trying to figure out how to contribute to society, and maybe it had to do with a public persona. Carrie waited in a long line of people to be photographed in Athens, with long brown hair and glasses.

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