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But is refusing to create a custom-designed wedding cake, a skeptic might ask, really comparable to not saluting the flag? I think about that all the time. Thank you for signing up! Get Metro Headlines in your inbox:. In Ohio, the decision is a watershed moment that will force citizens to confront questions of morality, community, and family. Get Today's Headlines in your inbox:. State where gay marriage started celebrates ruling In Mass.

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More than 1, gay and lesbian couples streamed into city and town halls across the state yesterday seeking licenses to marry, as Massachusetts marked the first day of legalized same-sex matrimony.

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Supreme Court legalizes same-sex marriage in all 50 states

Guerriero asked what was wrong. Get Today in Opinion in your inbox:. Opposition had been built on a mountain of unfounded fears, and the fears have been evaporating faster than I thought possible. Janet Stathos left and Loretta Cardinale, who had been together for 24 years, walked out of City Hall into a cheering crowd after filling out their marriage license application. The arguments raged around the dinner table. Daily updates and analysis on national politics from James Pindell. It was a great affirmation of all we had been through together.

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When it was his turn, Ross voted no. The arguments raged around the dinner table. The question triggered something deep inside Ross. May 18, Some gay couples avoid three-day wait to wed Gay couples who arrived at courts around the state yesterday smiling, holding hands, some carrying single long-stem roses, were ushered before judges more accustomed to navigating the tense issues of divorce and child custody than the joyful rush to marry. Gay marriage ruling has roots in Beacon Hill drama Mary Bonauto: Hundreds of same-sex marriage supporters and foes gathered inside and outside of the State House on March 11,where legislators met again in a constitutional convention to vote on a proposed amendment to the state constitution that would prohibit gays and lesbians from marriage. He was also sure that this would mark the end of his career.

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