Gay marriage is socially wrong

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It also focuses on the American public opinion trends related to moral issues, examining if it is true that U. Political conservatism as motivated social cognition. The link between religiosity and resistance to change is fairly evident, insofar as religions tend to value traditionalism and maintenance of the societal status quo i. Participants who were more religious were more sexually prejudiced and, in turn, more opposed to same-sex marriage. Although the results of our first two studies suggested that the relationship between religiosity and opposition to same-sex marriage was explained in part by sexual prejudice rather than ingroup bias, specific mechanisms remained somewhat obscure. Writing in the s, John Stuart Mill identified the marriage bond as a form of slavery for women.

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While abortion is legal on request in nearly all 18 countries surveyed with the exception of Polandpublic opinion is mixed on the issue.

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Think of the kids: why marriage equality opponents are wrong on parenting

In most of the countries surveyed, younger adults those under 35 are considerably more likely than their elders to favor legalized same-sex marriage see Overview for exact figures. Politics has reflected society and the mainstream has changed. Christian arguments against same-sex marriage tend to be based upon Biblical passages such as those discussing the fate of Sodom Genesis Descriptive statistics are provided in Table E of the online supplement. In five studies conducted in Canada and the United States, we investigated the hypotheses that religiosity would be related to opposition to same-sex marriage through sexual prejudice Hypothesis 1and that these effects would be explained, at least in part, by endorsement of conservative ideology Hypothesis 2with resistance to change being a more important factor than opposition to equality Hypothesis 3. Some of the direct relationships among these variables have been explored in prior studies, but our work contributes significantly to the psychological literature by investigating these variables simultaneously in an integrated theoretical model that enables us to explore indirect relationships as well. Annual Review of Psychology64

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Still, even in this cohort, majorities in most countries say homosexuality should not be accepted by society. Married men and women having an affair. It is a subsidiary of The Pew Charitable Trusts. Adults in Orthodox countries are more likely than those elsewhere to reject homosexuality and to oppose same-sex marriage and legal abortion. Parallel multiple mediator model for Study 2. It is noteworthy that willingness to protest against same-sex marriage was less strongly related to sexual prejudice, and yet we obtained parallel findings for this measure of behavioral intention.

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