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Where sex is depersonalized, children especially the unborn in turn tend to be depersonalized, and the bond between biological parents and their children weakened. That's all we wanted. Because the reason being that there are good parents who are heterosexual and good parents who are same-sex attracted. February 24, at 9: I suppose I differ here with regard to Frank. Now, I accept that the Church will never marry me.

gay marriage questionnaire
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Religious freedom and freedom of speech are now becoming more restricted because of new laws which are against the practice of Christianity.

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Thank you, Tony. It is widely understood among scholars and polling agencies that when designing a survey, question wording matters. It is not the biblical vision that is taking a reductionist view of sex here. That's an education program.

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I may not be able to follow up further for the next few days, as I will be out of town.

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