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Imagine being so off put by one of the, like, two whole gay couples in like, an entire franchise that it personally offends you that they'd DARE to put in two good boys and their dog. Ana View Profile View Posts. I really love it that you can get gay Sims and they can adopt a child. Hide Delete 1 Mar 27, they are so fudging funny looking in the game. The answer is to make a skanky female Sim to flirt with all the man-Sims again. I worry for you as I did Lucien, I know you are different, yet you are my own.

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For lesbian SIMs woohooer is all you need, for gay couples aside from woohooer you'll also need to grab male pregger morphs.

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Playing Sims 4. If you don't want mods, the only way is through engineering a baby in the hospital at Oasis Landing, which comes with Into the Future expansion. Log in. Search Wiki Search Members.

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