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Second, by testing both male and female speakers, we have extended prior research that had mostly focused on male speakers. In all four studies, listeners were found to make gender-typical inferences about traits and preferences of heterosexual speakers, but gender-atypical inferences about those of gay or lesbian speakers. This reasoning is perfectly in line with dual-process models according to which stereotyping may be either feature- or category-driven Blair et al. Depending on the experimental condition, participants were either exposed to a visual or auditory stimulus. In the past few years, there has been a growing number of studies investigating how facial features lead to categorization of sexual orientation Cox et al.

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Hence, heterosexism takes distinct forms for gay and lesbian individuals.

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This suggests that gender-atypical voice by itself is sufficient to trigger gender-inverted stereotyping, just as gender-typical voice triggers traditional gender stereotyping. The question whether sexual orientation-based categorization contributed above and beyond the effects of gender-atypical sound can also be addressed from a different vantage point. Java is a high-level programming language.

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The attitudes toward lesbians and gay men ATLG scale.

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