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Police treated me with contempt. Retrieved 6 January Gayday Cover. Cross-dressing is not expressly illegal, although transgender people, along with gay people, are often accused of violating Article of the national Penal Code which outlaws "outrages against public decency". He fled to France and applied for asylum after being charged under article and granted pretrial release. Department of State. This data can only be used with transparency, loyalty and respect for the dignity of the person whose data is subject of treatment.

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NBC News.

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Prosecutions for consensual sex in private and between adults violate the rights to privacy and nondiscrimination guaranteed by the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, to which Tunisia is a party. November 8, Video. During a television interview in FebruaryMinister for Human Rights Samir Dilou stated that "freedom of speech has its limits", homosexuality is "a perversion", and gay people needed to be "treated medically". LGBT rights in Africa.

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And I was afraid of going to prison.

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