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Never Stop Never Stopping. Then, everyone starts to make fun of Carmen. Retrieved September 30, George finally steps up to his mother and tells her that he is tired of her comments. One morning, George discovers Carmen and Jason sleeping together though they only fell asleep together on Carmen's bed listening to music, not sex George and Angie decide to kick Jason out. The New York Times. San Diego, CaliforniaU.

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However, being clumsy, Max gives himself as black eye by pulling his glove off too hard. However, when Max starts to frequently wet the bed, Vic thinks that he may be sexually active. George uncovers some secrets that were better left unrevealed when he sneaks a peek at a ten-year-old unopened letter from Angie, where he finds out Vic made an account for her if she dumped George. Then Jason decides to tutor him and Max starts to understand algebra, but Carmen doesn't like this because he already has too many extracurricular activities. Max is having trouble sleeping because he is worried about failing the 5th grade.

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In the end, Benny quits working at the factory because George was going crazy, and eating tons of unhealthy food to keep his negative comments to himself, knowing he's the reason she smokes. Meanwhile, there is much going on in the Lopez house. Linda wonders why George pimped her out. Because of this, George has to do Angie's chores for a month, and in the end of the episode, George starts acting like Angie and vice versa. Max develops a crush on Veronica, and helps her shoplift pretty clothes. Meanwhile, George teases a kid named Lawrence about his weight and the Principal asks George to leave and write an apology letter to Lawrence. When he confronts the other George, he finds that his father, Manny, is actually rich and that he just needed money, causing George to disown him and kick him out of his house.

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