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And stumbles upon, none other than Draco Malfoy; except he doesn't know that it's Draco because he put a fake name and a picture of some other bloke. The parents must not be very responsible, so she takes the baby back with her to New Orleans. He kept his eyes on Draco's stubbornly set jaws and clenched fists. Draco's arm was twisted behind him before he could blink. And so, with some guidance from Hermione as alwaysHarry signs up for the muggle gay dating site, Grindr.

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On his arm was Blaise Zabini, whom Harry could presume is his date by the way that they keep laughing together.

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17 times JK Rowling shocked Harry Potter fans

Not a peeping Tom. Everyone can choose to do good, and if you choose to do good today, tomorrow will be even better. In a 1, word essay, Rowling shed light on the real person who inspired the character"whom I disliked intensely on sight. In the past eighteen years. En Pointe by draculasdaughter Fandoms: He straightened up in a flash, shouldering his bag. Harry Potter was always a popular subject in the wizarding world.

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Harry blinked, maybe the big bad Draco Malfoy had a huge crush on Harry Potter. Draco cleared his throat and straightened his crooked tie and glanced at him nervously, he looked away and walked over to the Slytherin table. It was supposed to be just a few months of tutoring, but it was so much more than that. Harry put as much force and power into his spell as he could and in an instant all the Daily Prophets in the hall burst into flame, they were reduced to ashes in seconds. So really uncle Vernon shouldn't have been surprised when he heard Harry's bed creaking, he's the one who locked two hormonal teenage boyfriends in a small room in the first place. He is supposed to be the ideal guy. You should try it sometime.

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