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It takes about half an hour, which is enough time to overhear and participate in conversations about everything from sexy women, financial solvency and the American presidency to why the dust at the bottom of a bag of Doritos is so good. But there definitely is a lot of input from you know big business in Brazil so you know the big media conglomerate Globo which is one of the largest media conglomerates in the world they really channeled a lot of the sentiment around. What happened to Kennedy on Dec. But you know the kind of rhetoric from the right which is now being called you know into Pichi is Y. And you know he's been in Congress for like 28 years and only has something like two bills to his name. And I guess the second question is how likely is he to actually accomplish the agenda his agenda that he's laid forth or even accomplish the rhetorical things that he's emphasized.

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Your career in player development can flourish when you become immersed in the nuances of your particular sport.

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Two key stats: In this climate of desperation, it does little good to simply urge these voters to go for the safe option—PT. We should. They do they wield an outsized amount of influence in where the Brazilian politics has arrived at.

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And that hurt.

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