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When he was only about five years old, Heyer's grandmother began to dress him as if he were a girl and even made a dress just for him. March 30th, The Eve of Triumph. Sofia went on to translate even more pages, to help young transitioners in her country Mexico and all across the Americas. Weapons of Math DestructionTechnically Wrong A s work on my early trans-advocacy pages wound-down, I focused in on the Trans News Updates TNU to monitor ongoing changes in social and media attitudes about gender variance. Many questions also lingered about what had happened at ACS.

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So I sort of randomly tried to find my way into the gay world, but that didn't work.

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Visit the support directory There are other organisations in Northern Ireland who support trans people in various ways:. November 17th, 3. Transgender pioneer reflects on sports past by Ross FormanWindy City Times September 18, Lynn Conway is a transgender pioneer whose longtime passion has been sports, particularly adventure sports. In a special TNU section I documented the increasing exposure of the pathologizing teachings of the psychiatric establishmentthe increasing efforts to remove gender variance as a 'mental illness' from the DSM the psychiatrists' biblethe exposure of Zucker's role in the institutionalized academic suppression of transpeople, and Zucker's advocacy of conversion-therapy on trans children and teens.

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Heyer's uncle viewed the situation with his grandmother as a joke, and sexually molested him when he was still young.

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