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Inthe Indonesian Government gave Aceh province the right to introduce Islamic sharia laws which criminalizes homosexuality, albeit only to Muslim residents. Increased police raids along with a changing political culture forced the closure of most of Jakarta's gay bars and clubs, the hub of gay life in Indonesia outside of Bali, and in the last operating gay club in Jakarta, Apollo, closed its doors. Because of prevalent culture of shame regarding sexuality, any sexual encounters or emotional relations would be done in such discreet manner. They also dont have problem as they believe is my life choice, just like their life choice on being muslim. According to tradition, a warok is required to be abstinent and thus is prohibited to indulge and be involved in sexual relationships with women.

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The Guardian.

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It is likely that today warok-gemblakan ritual relationships survive and are practiced, but are undertaken by far more secretive means. But for me, religion is about peace, doing good to others and acceptance of self. Now off you go you two cheeky brondongs and enjoy plenty of goreng! Glad to learn a little more as I head to Bali later this year.

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