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The reports on radio news in the morning were brief items putting one position on the record. Ghebreslassie provided other perspectives via other city councillors and members of the broader community. Alison and Marge Act 1: Right before I go to bed - I end the day reading something I want to read, not something I have to read. You also suggested that CBC news compile a list of contacts within the gay community so that there would be several people or organizations that would be available to comment:

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Live and Let Live Act 2:

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Pride and Point of View - Finding balance on an ongoing story.

She then went to interview other city councillors and later dropped by the Pride Toronto office to try to get comment. Most of them have vanished. It changes every week. Because of his proximity to Matthew on the night of his attack, Matt Galloway feels drawn into activism after the murder, and he participates in many pro-LGBT demonstrations. Gay Panic Act 3: Balance was achieved over a reasonable period of time. She told you that while you suggested a broader context from people who have historical knowledge of police behaviour as well as that of the Pride movement, that in this instance it was not a factor to delay publication:

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Aaron to be put to death, but he hopes Aaron is locked up for life. She said that there was also an effort to interview a city councillor who opposed the motion. Live and Let Live Act 2: Matt regrets that he did not realize Matthew was in danger as he left with Aaron McKinney and Russell Henderson that night, wishing he could have foreseen what was happening and stopped it. Lawrence Centre for the Arts in Toronto.

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