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Leave a Reply Cancel Reply You must be logged in to post a comment. Like so many others, I was searching for my place in this world. Treat them as you would anybody else. At the same time, I realize that we need to educate people and show them that we are humans and deserve to live our lives the way our minds tell us who we are. Thank them for trusting you; it will mean a lot to them, because you mean a lot to them. There are transgender people all over the world e.

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I was intrigued by the female identity, the fashions, the visual presentation, and how a girl behaves and how she feels.

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Unless they say otherwise. If the person comes out to you about their sexual orientation, use the terms they use. If you have recently learned of a transgender person in your life, you might not understand their identity and you may be unsure of how to act around them without offending or hurting their feelings. Although I wanted to be female, I did not find myself attracted to boys, but preferred dating girls. And finally, by my mid-thirties, underwent surgery in my birthplace of Miami. They will tell those they want to, if or when they are ready. Be guided by what the person tells you about their own situation, and listen without preconceived notions.

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Respect their gender identity. It may also put them at risk, depending on the situation, of losing a lot — or even being harmed. As the first-born son to Cuban parents, I was raised as your typical little latin boy. Think of them as the gender they refer to themselves as and refer to them with their chosen name and gender pronoun regardless of their physical appearance from now on. Your friend Jack has just come out as a transgender person, and now wishes to be called Chloe. Even if you have objections to transgenderedness, you should always respect the person and never willfully embarrass them publicly. Tips This condition is known medically as Gender Dysphoria, but there is much contention about this issue.

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