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Gender Policing for Jesus: Having a hard time and just want someone to sit with or talk with? Music to My Queers an interactive session for QTPOC people to express themselves and their intersecting identities through the power of poetry, art, or song. Better yet, take a moment and get tested together! Participants will explore effective ways to initiate critical conversations on racial equity and gender justice in schools and communities Presenters: Featuring DJ Honey.

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In presenting this data, our aim is not only to inform attendees, but also to engage with them in both discussing the data and developing recommendations to improve the lives of trans Millennials. Navigating Anti-Oppression Dialog in LGBTQ Youth Spaces The current political climate and recent events has brought language once confined to social justice circles to the mainstream, particularly via social media, where it is not uncommon to come across terms like white supremacy, anti-black racism, misogynoir, and transantagonism, among others. Wednesday 8:

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Gilead proudly supports the Creating Change Conference.