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The beginning is slow. He was quirky, adorable and funny in a charming way. It constantly pulled me out of the story. Big strong and somewhat intimidating, he has the biggest heart and the softest, occasionally surprising, nature. Another thing I enjoyed is the slow burn of the story. When Riley arrives at the campsite he s Riley Anderson is joining his family on a camping trip to the Lake District to celebrate his Father's fiftieth birthday.

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There's a heavy dose of wish fulfillment in that Riley had been nursing a crush on Kai fo Sweet and low-angst, but with some satisfying, slow-building yet inexorable romantic tension. The epilogue was not too overdone so that was nice. The chemistry between them is undeniable. Fortuitously, the two young men get paired together on a scavenger hunt and soon find themselves stranded out in the wilderness together, alone, overnight, where their dynamics begin to change and sparks definitely begin to fly. Will they be as sassy as SFG?

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Although Riley would like to spend his week hiding away and staring at Kai while spinning fantasies ab I was hooked the moment I started this book and I read it completely in one sitting! Kai w Love In Time If someone tells you they had a crush on you in high school, they usually still have it. He also was true to himself but with some leftover feelings of not quite fitting in with his familys' love of the outdoors and camping lifestyle. Kai made mistakes, used potentially painful words and stereotypes, totally unaware of doing so. Haha I loved Kai as well, and I thought they were perfect together. Yes, there is some angst and quite a bit of soul searching, but nothing to heart wrenching. And when they came together, boy, it was dynamite.

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