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February 21, at 2: I've always been interested in gadgets and technology and I've always been a reader. I had the amazing opportunity, just a week and change before my birthday, to ask this global treasure about the pressures of being an unblemished icon with a love for literature. Duckworth slams trans ban at Pentagon Pride event. But what we simply need to do is make sure we include the written word as a part of our regular diets.

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This brother notices, strips down to his bare undergarments right in front of me, and insists that I take his clothes.

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Los Angeles. I've got to know, how were you able to be the face of franchises that were incredibly popular and not be type-casted and regulated to one thing, pretty much like the rest of the Star Trek cast for instance? Jump to:

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This is a country with a black population that was a part of a year guerrilla war with the Dutch, and they won.

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