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Venice is miles from Md, so I guess your theory of the venice sex cult is way off. Official Sites: How tall is Kevin Levrone? Edit Kevin Levrone. Kevin's supplement line is available in a number of European countries, but has not yet been released in the United States. Kevin was initially inspired to become a bodybuilder from seeing his cousin, after he came home from serving in the military. Born to an Italian American father and an African American mother, he lost both parents to cancer at a young age.

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We all know that Phil Heath is an absolute beast, but there those out there with their own opinion on the Olympia champion.

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Itll be interesting to see what happens in Drag and drop boxes to rearrange! Who is Kevin Levrone? Or does Kevin Levrone do steroids, coke or even stronger drugs such as heroin?

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How tall is Kevin Levrone?

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