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Please also note that poor Internet connections tends also to correlate to remote locations as cities are better able to invest in cables and infrastructure. Welcome to our new website! This kinda contradicts Duolingo's point. What other apps have to do with Duolingo's way? They've got to do something with these lingots. Your implementation doesn't work.

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I only study Italian though.

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Keeping Duolingo free and sustainable

Which they will eventually have to do to match base languages anyway. I imagine the entire community would like to have such important news. That way, there would be no pressure to contribute funds on Duo's website itself, enabling distraction-free language learning, but those who wanted to could still financially support Duolingo on a regular basis. A huge problem in our society is that people are so used to getting everything "for free" on the internet or on the App Store, that they are completely naive to who and what pays for it. Wikipedia seems to work this way, why shouldn't it work for Duolingo?

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Saying that, so does this iOS streak thing. I would also be cool with a having a donate button somewhere. These could be made payable with lingots too including a way to buy lingots obviously. Every time adverts are mentioned in the forums, several people request such an option. An option which probably would suffice from a legal perspective could be to get a simple badge as a reward with no change in the learning experience whatsoever for paying a certain sum of money. Which means that either they a do not target advertising by region which leads to the issues noted in my original post or b target via present location which leads to demands to leave location tracking enabled. Luis, I would like to talk to you about this App as one of my clients is in the Special Education space.

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