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He can also be insufferably self-righteous and unsympathetic. I hope that I asked you enough questions. But Ruffalo shrugged off those comments — partly, he said, because the key to his portrayal was not learning about the activist side of Kramer, but seeing the personal side. I got depressed. He was even cast as a gay guy in the film The Normal Heart and is the executive producer of the gay film Anything which raised an uproar among transgenders for his portrayal of a gay actor named Matt Bomer as a transgender sex worker. Did you kill someone?

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I thought he was the only gay person who could possibly be in the whole town. Powerful and heartbreaking. As for fracking, President Obama says we should move forward with it if it doesn't destroy our water and air.

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You cast transgender actors in the film you directed Sympathy for Delicious.

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