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I could be your lover Raiden: I know I know, I'm going Colonel: By the text of what I'm saying! How's the old buzzard doin' anyway? No one said they were immature for wanting to play as Snake, but as already mentioned by NeoTStyle a lot of the fanbase took to completely disregarding the game because they thought Raiden was 'gay'. Gee, they sound pretty dangerous

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NDestinJun 25,

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Does anyone still think Raiden is gay?

Ranking Every Legend in Apex Legends. He wears high-heels, no sensible straight man would wear those and have a straight face. DevilaterJun 25, Sorry, I was thinking aloud Dead or alive, male or female, I don't care. Christ, a minute and a half to find 3 C4 on the crates.?!

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You must log in or sign up to reply here. Oh and after you kill him, Steal his roller blades for me. What's wrong with you? If you're looking for the bathrooms they're over there. I'd probably put it in the bathroom above the sink I never questioned Raiden's belonging. Other than the androgyny factor, I have no problem with Raiden.

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