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Yes, it was me. Recent Stories. To stop doing something rather suddenly. One of the highest earning sportsmen in recent times. Mayorga was not the first to do it, just the most overt in doing so.

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De La Hoya admitted that he also struggled with cocaine and a strong, recurring alcohol addition that has since driven him into rehab three times over.

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Hard to tell if the apparitions were any better than nightmares of greeting Paret on the street, going to shake his hand only to find it lifeless and cold. I made history but I want to be respected. His cornermen jumped into the ring but all they could do was unfold his legs and lay him on his back—a more dignified position for a former world champion—before carrying him out on a stretcher and taking him to the hospital. A more recent and—because of those involved—better known example came in

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De la Hoya has had over 30 pro fights without a mark on his face.

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