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While middle- and upper-class Venezuelans have emigrated, young women from low-income backgrounds have flocked to regional pageant castings, desperate for any opportunity to help their families. Miss Venezuela Organization. In almost all societies of the world, we dissect different parts of the female body, exaggerate them, sprinkle them with a dash of fetishism, and sew them right back on the frame. Sousa, who claims a friendship with Donald Trump, the former Miss Universe owner, and is known for flaunting cellphone pictures of the two of them together, denies any knowledge of, let alone involvement in, the abuse and corruption. A few married their patrons. In recent years, Sousa has been also involved in several controversies related to same-sex marriage in Venezuela, by saying he's not only against it, but also against child adoption by same sex parents.

Get on with the program and follow our Venezuelan footsteps, because after all, we almost always win Miss Universe, thanks to the beauty standards established by our beloved Mr Sousa.

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Ahora no. Some women resisted; many others complied. Osmel Sousa has been involved in a number of controversies over the years, with everything from whether the color and style of dress that he picked was appropriate, [12] to whether or not he advised plastic surgery for a particular contestant [13] to the charge that he creates "fashion mannequins".

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