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The growing public anger about abuse by members of the clergy could be seen in the case of the Rev. Speaking of Poland, many Ukrainians think about European emancipation, but despite the economic and civilizational changes of the recent decades, this country still remains one of the most conservative in the issue of sexual minorities in the EU because of its adherence to Catholicism. Analysis So what if the Irish PM is gay? Speaker of Ukrainian Parliament: There were even boy scouts, who carried a banner that said: Bareback Boys in Classroom 16 min 3. For decades, clergy who were told about the sexual abuse of minors were not required by their superiors to report the information to the police.

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So, in September "Campaign against homophobia" was launched, and Robert became its first chairman and has been holding this position for another 8 years.

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He also said that the problem was not confined to the church and that related areas of abuse also needed attention. Follow Joanna Berendt on Twitter: Chaber said that the Law and Justice party chief, Jaroslaw Kaczynski, a confirmed bachelor, had attracted speculation about his own sexuality in Polish media. Today, by the way, thousands of participants gather for such events in the country, and many politicians, not only from the left but also from liberal parties, consider their duty to show up there.

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Recent social surveys have demonstrated that Poles might close their eyes even on the nontraditional orientation and let a representative of sexual minorities become the head of the state, as long as his political decisions and actions are correct.

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