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Manhunt was founded in Boston in by Larry Basile and Jonathan Crutchley, who came into the business via phone chat rooms they still have that business, but it's dwindling. I was out to people I see everyday and my family. Then he tells the story of one depressed young Manhunt member who wrote to another that he was contemplating suicide. I had left law school and moved to New York to pursue a career in modeling. If you are among its target customers -- younger, hotter, and richer than average gay men in big cities -- Manhunt is the club that the proverbial everyone meaning, the guys you've always fantasized about belongs to. Which of the other models are you still friendly with?

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Tonight’s Manhunt Smackdown: Rob vs. Jon

There's still scant research linking online cruising to the most extreme risky behavior -- crystal meth use and unprotected sex. Are you still attending Pepperdine? Last night was a bust, but who knows who will be online this morning or tonight. I looked like an idiot. I was very puzzled by the incident as well. When you came out, you did it because you wanted something. When you announced that you were gay, Hunter had a brief episode that portrayed him as a homophobe.

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When I tell my story, I think about myself 10 years ago as a newly diagnosed person with HIV, and try to attenuate my fears and my false conceptions of a limited life so those being diagnosed now may live without the same burdens. I wanted it to be a fair game, and I think it was. A few strokes of the keyboard produce a profile of a man who lives there. But a lot of them didnt. And yet Manhunt members still seem to think they can get away with anything there: Still, he believes Manhunt is a force for good because it allows people in rural areas and smaller cities, where being gay is still stigmatized, to find one another.

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