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SMEX has counted up to 50 sites and apps being blocked in Lebanon, many of them are linked to solicitation of sex work and online gambling in Lebanon, although Grindr does not fit into either of these categories. The use of open proxies is no surprise to the ISU, whose director "knows that anyone with much knowledge of the Internet and computers can blow right by the Saudi content filters" and who "sees the filtering as a way to protect children and other innocents from Internet evils, and not much more than that. Report Comment Are you sure you want to mark this comment as inappropriate? Employees at Lebanon's telecom ministry and representatives from one of the two state-owned mobile phone operators apparently enforcing the ban confirmed there was a directive to block the app, but declined to identify the source of the request. Importantly, some seemingly plausible assertions about Saudi Arabia's priorities and sensitivities fail under empirical scrutiny. Theoretically, a Saudi user could submit a request to unblock a Web page through the link on the ISU block page. This undercuts previous research on Internet blocking in Saudi Arabia.

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Even the screenshot site is blocked, possibly because it has the name of the original site in the link URL.

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Saudi Arabia's efforts to block these sites are consistent with an April report indicating ISU was "looking for a mechanism to get immediate information on all sites as soon as they open to screen them for immoral content. Saudi Arabia generally blocks open proxy servers and anonymizer sites to prevent users from bypassing its filtering system. Sections A and B describe our findings regarding types of content unavailable to Internet users within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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But it just carries out the instructions it receives from the Saudi security services and does not decide what must be censored.

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