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Voice training methods include imitation of female voice models, instruction on how to alter the position of the larynx in the neck, the tightness of the vocal cord muscles, the rates and ranges of movement of the vocal cords, lips, tongue and jaw, and exercises that promote increased vocal flexibility. Right now I am in the process of running an online voice satisfaction questionnaire targeting transmen only. You will have to find your chest voice, your head voice and you have to re-discover where exactly the two meet — that is your voice breaking point. Once the voice has stabilized at a deeper pitch, you can help the student learn how to use his new instrument with maximum ease. Your vocal muscles are getting used to the new weight and new thickness of your vocal folds that grew heftier due to T. Ones range remains the same, so if the lower half is discarded then one doesn't have much scope left in an upward direction.

singing voice for transsexuals transgender
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Frequency can be changed by reshaping mouth motions, but this can be difficult.

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Finally, my research has shown that there is one more physiological feature that we perceive speaker gender by about as strongly as we perceive pitch: While this is likely to slow virilization, it also produces more gentle changes to the larynx, and may be a more significant factor than age with regards to growth of the laryngeal structure. Now I have to concentrate really hard to try to accomplish a vocal range close to the singers in those bands to no avail.

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A professional singer himself, Constansis approached his own HRT conservatively, opting for a low starting dose that was gradually increased over a one year period.

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