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User Reviews. Despite this Trey Parker and Matt Stone consider it one of their least favorite episodes in the series. Every boy in the school has jumped on the metrosexual bandwagon. Boy Meets Boy and Will and Grace. Slave about it later that night. South Park S14E13 - Coon vs. This week's must-watch TV includes a fresh take on high schoola fierce second seasonand some unlikely partners against crime.

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When the metro-sexual craze hits South Park, Kyle and Mr.

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At school, Stan, Kenny, and Cartman accept Kyle again, but when he expresses his anger that they previously forsook him, the others call him "G. The women all seem to like this - it results in the men caring about their hygiene - regular bathing has suddenly become the norm, as has brushing teeth three times a day. South Park Is G. Metacritic Reviews.

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The Queer Eye producers are about to press charges on the women until they discover that the Fab Five were not human, noting that the Crab People tried this before with The Jeffersons.

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