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He was so hot! I loved the feeling of his cock sliding over my lips and tongue. His tongue probed deeper, I got so caught up in the moment I realized that I now had my back arched up into his face and was excitedly spreading my own ass wider to allow him deeper into me… Continue reading The Birth Of A Gay Slut Gay Men Stories I gave a small whimper of submission, gyrating on his finger as his other hand massaged my nipple. He grabbed it and started stroking it really fast and then slowed down giving it long slow strokes. He turned around and spread his nice round ass cheeks with his hands.

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I wanted the taste of warm cum in my mouth now more that anything!

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Robin begins to panic under the stress of not having Bart. Late Birthday present from a stranger. He looked over at my cock bulging through my jeans, he puts his hand on my leg and runs it up to my cock. He just laid back and smiled, I picked up his huge dick and slid my hand up and down his shaft, he started pinching his nipples and then running his fingers around the very tips of them.

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Gay men stories that will make you throbbing hard with lust.

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