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God, what a foul whore. So even though Beckford is known around town as an infamously steady chick-banger-outter, he may or may not be catching some dingleberries on the side. Em must be on his "to silently fuck list" This DL shit is reaching crisis level. Do you already have an account? In March of last year, he grabbed non-musical headlines again, this time for a sex tape of he and his girlfriend. I think she was implying that Usher got fucked by the guy, too. They were both there to service Usher.

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I am assuming this is the same Miss Jones.

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Karrine 'super head' Steffans discusses the men and women she has had sex with.

She had a well established reputation in hip hop long before the book came out. He told a US magazine he 'wouldn't feel comfortable at a gay bar. I never knew she was so scandalous. I think he sucks his own dick twice a day. Yeah she did write about it in her book. I wrote it so that people realise the industry has a gay subculture and we are part of this music,' he said.

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He told a US magazine he 'wouldn't feel comfortable at a gay bar. Please be sure to open and click your first newsletter so we can confirm your subscription. XXL takes a look at past sex-related incidents that have made news in the industry. I don't like this woman's homophobia, which is rather hypocritically directed at men and not the hip hop ladies she flopped down dead for fake dykes are the worst in bed. The paternity test for the child, born inthough, verified that the Yonkers MC was indeed the father. Homophobia grew up alongside that musical shift as most successful artists used songs that idolised guns, drugs and crime.

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