Transgender bill massachusetts

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LGBT leaders in Massachusetts said the prospect of federal action made it even more critical that voters uphold existing state laws. Keep MA Safe fears that could lead to situations that result in criminal or civil penalties for those who complain about misuse of single-sex facilities, the group's spokeswoman, Yvette Ollada, told CNN. Opponents of the 2-year-old law argued their intent was not to strip protections for transgender people or legalize discrimination. Massachusetts was the first to legalize gay marriage and is viewed as one of the most LGBT-friendly states. The fight for transgender healthcare at work. Lauren Leahy and her son, Alex.

transgender bill massachusetts
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And those worries have increased with the opposition to the anti-discrimination bill.

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Tonight, Massachusetts became the first state in the country to uphold transgender protections at the ballot box! No official data exists to support either of these claims. A "yes" vote would keep the law in place, but a "no" vote would repeal it.

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Law Enforcement The Massachusetts Chiefs of Police Association and Massachusetts Major City Chiefs and 19 other local law enforcement officials support Massachusetts fair and equal treatment for transgender people.

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