Transgender voice change

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The most common focus in transgender voice therapy is pitch raising or lowering; however, other gender markers may be more important for the client to work on. I dated women, and my ex and I were once held at gunpoint by a man who went on to target two other straight couples, shooting the men. Virtually every client is satisfied with their voice outcomes. For trans men, the introduction of testosterone into the body as part of a physical transition will naturally alter the muscularity of the body and bring the feminine pitch down into vocal range more often associated with a man. Infant Behav Dev.

transgender voice change
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But my voice also made me invisible.

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Remembering to make the coffee. The recordings were subjected to vocal acoustic analysis to be featured according to the fundamental frequency mean and standard deviation utilizing the software Vocalgram 1. What is transgender voice surgery? While rarely covered by health insurance, an increasing number of trans women patients choose to go under the knife to transform their voices [source:

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Learning to Talk Like a Woman or Man.

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