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September 10th, 0 Transgender: I guess my main advice is that this period of limbo when you're part-time in both roles is not a good time to be job-seeking. How would you like to be addressed during interviews, and how would you like to introduce yourself? Activism Legal News. Best of luck in all your endeavours. I put the resume as an attachment, so I ended up signing off on my e-mail the same way because I figured it was a bit rude to not sign the e-mail which, basically, would have been the equivalent of a cover letter in this instance. Julia Hayward Julia Hayward

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Adio Family Posts: I may just do both, sort of to just confirm what's said on the resume I guess. The fact that the prior name might suggest a different gender really shouldn't be anyone's business. Especially if we chose our name ourselves.

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Incase it needs clarifying not sure how clear it was above:

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