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What I'd want my pre-transition self to know is that however more difficult life gets, fighting the world as your authentic self is better than fighting yourself on behalf of the world. We are not here to lie to you. My ultimate goal is to help society understand what the transgender community faces — such as daunting medical and legal processes amid physical and emotional changes — and demonstrate that we are humans who deserve love and respect just like everyone else. I wish I had known just how embracing who I really am would dramatically bring me back to life. Discrimination is forbidden There is no such thing as "valid discrimination," and this sub will remove any post or comment that demonstrates racism, sexism, body shaming or any other bigotry you care to name. If you got a cool tattoo or something else that's incidentally NSFW, please tag it as such.

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Interviews have been edited for length and clarity.

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I didn't start truly asking myself what it meant to be a woman until I was almost in my 30s. You can also meet such women at various gender conferences held annually across the globe. If you got a cool tattoo or something else that's incidentally NSFW, please tag it as such. Mentoring Support for Trans Students Gendered Intelligence offers mentoring to any trans, non-binary or gender variant identified person, as well as to those who are questioning their gender identity or who have a trans history.

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Over and over, I asked others if they could tell me if I was trans.

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