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But most dramatic was the pet of one of my spouses, a rat we named 'Kelly' after it's favorite treat, corn flakes. Do you have an experience to share? There are reasons to believe that high doses of oestrogen could affect how HIV works in the body and stymie common approaches to treating it, but no one has ever looked at the question explicitly. Ewan regularly travels to Ghent, where a team closely monitors his response to hormone therapy. For instance, transgender men might be attracted to men, women or all genders, and might have differences in their brain activity and response to hormones as a result. One study found that male bearded dragons can change their sex while they're in their eggs.

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The most common complaints from people are lowered sexual desire and voice changes.

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This is a species of "sequential hermaphrodites," which means they're all born male and later turn into females. T he death of our collie Bonnie in hit my husband Frank and me so hard that it was almost a decade before we considered taking on another dog. The work could help to explain why some people are more resilient than others, and lead to better treatment. Tristana Woudstra, a year-old university student with waist-length curly hair, tells Defreyne that her hips hurt from the oestrogen treatment she began taking nine months ago.

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Tantalizing hints are already beginning to emerge about the respective roles of hormones and genetics in gender identity.

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