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As a bisexual man, when you are outed, usually several annoying things happen: So in general the timeworn adage about men being sexual pigs regardless of their sexual orientation is not so far-fetched. He may be in denial, and he could get violent if you make a move. Exodus does not bill itself as a clinical facility, and their Web site states that the group "does not conduct clinical treatment of any kind"; rather, their activities are restricted to faith-healing efforts like discussion groups, worship, and prayer—none of which has been rigorously studied. Instead of making money from subscriptions, as traditional porn sites once did, tube sites earn money from advertisers.

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You need to break the data down by those who use birth control and those who don't.

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Tell you what: So much for the "fear of pregnancy" thing driving female sexual thinking. You don't have to come out to him right away, but you should eventually disclose your intentions. But before the Victorians, sex was described more by verbs than nouns — as something people did rather than were — and sexual leanings, mainstream as well as minority, were appetites to which almost anyone might on occasion be prey.

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Learn how to interact with straight guys unless you plan to stay on Castro forever.

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