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Thought he was hot in those 50's pics he made "House Of Wax", etc. I wouldn't be sitting here if I didn't want to talk. Or perhaps it's a flash-forward to a memory they'll cling to for the rest of their lives. Did the gossip machine destroy Sean Penn, or is this just a phase he's going through? And it's naive. The area code for that area of Los Angeles is now so if that payphone is still there doubtful the number would be

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I told him he'd probably have more luck with Ursula.

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That's not to say he goes about killing people. I'd be somewhere else. I'd rather wait and go broke than be forced to do a bad movie for money. Charles Bronson makes everyone else look gay by comparison.

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The McCallums and Charles Bronson soon found they had even more in common than acting.

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